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Antiqa Ceramic Pvt. Ltd. is new venture of Antique group of companies, which is India's largest vitrified tiles manufacturer. Antiqa ceramic was incorporated with a view to create the distinguished brand among the prevailing similar standard brands. It only could be achieved through constant improvement in quality through R&D innovation and a vigilant watch on entire process. The company has also applied for ISO 9001:2000 Certification.

Company's manufacturing unit is situated at lakhdhirpur road in Morbi. This unit has great R & D equipment and able staff to deliver newer better designs of tiles to suit the need of the current market and future expectations of the consumer. The quality control is well equipped with a full-fledged laboratory. India in the past few years has changed to becoming a society obsessed with better, bigger and stylish products. The consumers are looking for Antique Lifestyles. Antique group with its eagle eye on the market was not the one to stay behind.

The state of the art technology coupled with exciting design support, made the company become the leader in wall tiles and floor tiles in India. Internationally, the company has done extremely well in expanding its market base in very short period. Its Distribution channels and excellent brand image make the company a favorite of the distributors across India. The styles and the new introductions are always waited for and cherished.


1994 Fine Ceramic Pvt Ltd
1998 Shine Ceramic Pvt Ltd
2004 Antique Granito Pvt Ltd
2010 Antique Johnson Ceramic Pvt Ltd
2010 Antique Non Woven Pvt Ltd
2010 Antique Mineral Pvt Ltd
2013 Antique Textiles Pvt Ltd


  • Grow Sales year on year by 25%.
  • Introduce 20 new designs every month.
  • Upgrade to latest technologies every 2-3 years.
  • Expand Markets to International Destination.

We intend to conduct our business in a way that not only meets but exceeds the Expectations of our customers, business partners, distributors, buyers and creditors, as Well as the communities in which we operate and society at large.
As a part of our mission we will:

  • Empower and train our employees to deliver better work outputs.
  • We will introduce new designs in the markets that benefit our customers.
  • We will make our products easily available and largely affordable to make our distributors and importers profitable.
  • We will make all our actions socially and morally responsible.

The Plant consists a Heavy Capacity Presses, (Made in Italy) Glazed Lines, Roller Kilns (All Made in Italy), Boil Mill Grinding Unit, Spray Dryer Made in China. Raw Material is procured from famous supplier and being brought from Rajasthan and also imported from Ukraine.